Beauty Abound at Farms + Fleas Market ♥

Just attended the Farms + Fleas holiday market at the Basilica in Hudson, NY. Back in town after my nine day trip to Chicago and it’s nice to come back just in time for this showcase of alternative economics. It’s an artistic town within an artistic region of the Hudson Valley in upstate New York and home to many artisans, crafters, and small business owners, such as the shop I mentioned in a previous post, Tiossan Dakar.

Candlemagic provided herbs to coat your candles with, a salt scrub to clear up sinuses, and viles of essential oils that can be worn as perfume. I attended the fair with my lovely mom actually, since I am visiting with family in the area for the holidays. I noticed many herbal companies and a few skincare product lines that showed homemade soap, lip balm, moisturizer, salve, bath supplies, and inner wellness products. Good Fight Herb Co. showcased a few intriguing wellness products, like an herbal De-Stress blend for daily stress reduction.

From the market, I took home a Self-love Potion 9 that supposedly does this: show yourself some love! this energetic syrup helps open and protect your heart, foster healthy boundaries and soothe heartache and grief. And it contains the following herbs: hawthorn leaf / flower / berry, rose petals, motherwort, yarrow, raw honey, grain alcohol, prayers for a happy heart and healthy boundaries. It’s a potion to open your heart and nurture yourself during transitional periods 🙂


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