Natural Remedies for your Body ♥

Upon a little slip on the ice earlier in the week, I made a run over to the natural apothecary section of a local grocery store in Lincoln Park. Skimmed the lotions and potions for a topical oinment to relieve the stiffness of my lower back. I spoke with a super helpful herbalist about a few of the options and picked out the Arniflora Arnica Gel, a natural homeopathic blend.

When I put this arnica gel on my back, it feels soothing and refreshing as it eases the stiffness of the affected area. It seems to last a little while and then you have to re-apply preferably after you shower. Also picked out a few more goodies, like an Aloe Vera Ointment for dry skin or skin irritations to hydrate certain areas better in the winter time. It works quite well and helped clear up a light skin irritation on the underarm area and can be an alternate to a coconut oil based cream.

For digestion, I found an herbal extract known as Swedish Bitters by Nature Works for gentle and stimulating digestion as a dietary supplement. I poured a few drops into warm water or green tea and it actually felt better to drink water with a little flavor. It seems to calm my stomach and soothe digestion in advance of an upset stomach or indigestion.


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