A Journey of Many Scents ♥

Quite a few perfumes I’ve collected over the course of a few months, from different beauty boxes and skincare events 🙂 It begins with a journey to the opening of the apothecary on the basement level of Barney’s flagship store on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Someone from Organic Pharmacy passed me a lovely sample tote with Etra Etro, and it eventually led to the October 2013 Beauty Cosmetics Tote with the Kai, Parti Pris, Black Orchid, So Nude, Hermes, and Tocca fragrance samples with purchase, and an Eccentric Molecule that I requested from a gentlemen at the perfume counter. Love the clean and scientific-inspired scent behind this perfume concept!

On to the Joie Boutique event, where I picked up an additional vile of Folle de Joie, the signature fragrance in a complimentary Birchbox from the store. When I visited Chicago a few weeks ago, the journey continued at the Arch Apothecary cosmetics event with a sample of Passionflora from the Nest Fine Fragrances company. Definitely an exotic and spicier scent, a little woodsy and almost musky, yet still youthful and delicate. Also picked up a perfume cocktail scent from Purely Fashion, a pop-up located within the 900 Shops in collaboration with a fashion mobile application. Calm by Lollia I picked up from a stroll around the boutiques in the Lincoln Park neighborhood.

Recently, I received a Bon Genre from a mystery box sample and a Hello by Harvey Prince in a December subscription box 🙂 Bon Genre has a sweet, candy-like scent that makes you wish to take a bubble bath or indulge in a piece of cake, while Hello has an also sweet, yet more floral and clean scent, a little more on the refreshing side.


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