Dyptique and Sai Sei

Complimentary Tuberose candle from Dyptique
Konnyaku Sponge from Sai-Sei

It turned out to be quite a warm day on Saturday, no need for the puffy winter coat and furry boots I wore that day. Strolling around Soho felt like a summer day, with the sun shining and street vendors abound. On the second street after the Prince Street station, you can visit Space.NK Apothecary and check out products like Sai Sei, a Japanese line of skincare inspired by the ancient hot springs known as onsen.

Since I have an Indulge card from this company, I applied a 10.00 complimentary credit for the holidays towards a Konnyaku Cleanse Natural Sponge for gentle and thorough cleansing. It comes with an attached string for putting up in the shower or for holding onto while cleaning and exfoliating your body.
On the way back to the station, I noticed an Etro fragrance collection in a boutique in Soho and it looked familiar to the perfume sample from an earlier event at Barneys. Browsing a few of the fragrances like the new Paisley, and the familiar Etra from the sample. Also found Heliotrope, a sweet and airy, candy-like scent that comes from the lavender heliotrope flower. A combination of Bergamot, almond, ylang-ylang, iris, vanilla, and musk produce this unique scent of a cream cake.

Also, for a birthday promotion the sales associate at the apothecary placed a complimentary candle from Dyptique in the Tuberose scent in with the sponge, pure happiness. Further up the street I popped into Benefit Cosmetics for a complimentary eyebrow wax and tested out a few new products also. Love the Lollitint, a lip and cheek tint in a sheer orchid color that comes in a bright pink, candy-like bottle and picked up a few candy-cane sticks for a sweet treat ♥


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