Oribe and Espresso at Bristle + Crème ♥

Front interior view courtesy of Bristle + Crème

Surprised to discover Bristle + Crème, a mixed-concept space that encompasses an upscale hair salon, boutique, and espresso bar snugly located in Midtown East. In the space, you see artwork from independent artists displayed on the walls, hair products from Oribe and Bumble & Bumble, and a lovely espresso bar serving up Toby’s Estate in any form you wish. Seeing as chocolate has it’s place in my heart, I asked for a Mochaccino and this one tasted lovely. A dark and earthy base with just the proper amount of cocoa to spice up the blend prior to my haircut with Oribe products and a lovely Senior Stylist that worked her magic!

Browsing for hair salons in Manhattan, I specifically sought out a boutique that worked with this line of haircare products and located Bristle + Creme from the list of Oribe vendor locations. Currently, I cleanse my hair with the Oribe Ultra-Gentle Shampoo and Conditioner and felt confident that these products could produce the desired effect for the haircut 🙂 Following a session of shampoo and conditioner to wet the hair, I consulted with a senior stylist about options for the haircut and decided on a trim with styling and texture at the end.

Back interior view courtesy of Bristle + Crème

Upon concluding the haircut, she styled my hair with the Oribe Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray to lock in the beach wave and messy tousled look. And with just enough length taken down at about an inch and a half, my hair still maintained its shape with enhanced volume, thank you! Lucky to have an opportunity to work with a higher level stylist, as I actually scheduled an appointment with only a stylist for an earlier time. In the reception area, the hostess provided me with a complimentary gift of a 25.00 card towards a haircut that I could apply towards the new stylist while staying within the cost of a basic haircut at this salon.

During the service, the stylists and even the owner of the boutique treated myself and other guests with a high level of personal attention. Providing water more frequently than at a fine restaurant, Jasmine Blossom tea from Stash premium teas and other welcome amenities like a coat check. In addition, the gift included a gentle shampoo from Bumble & Bumble and a salon credit towards any aesthetic services to apply on a future trip to this salon.


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