John Masters Organics and Honey Girl ♥

Earlier in the week on Tuesday, I picked up a few skincare samples and a cleanser from the Sunflower natural foods market. Just cleansed my skin with a new formula from John Masters Organics, the Linden Blossom Face Creme Cleanser for dry/mature skin. It combines linden blossom and rose essential oil, along with foraha oil to repair skin and promote cell growth 🙂 It’s a creme form, as opposed to a milk cleanser, this one goes on like a moisturizer and gently washes away.

Once cleansed, I applied the Face and Eye Cream from Honey Girl on my face and the Super Skin Food onto my neck and decollete. Both creams have similar consistency, a sort of fluffy texture that smooths out when you massage into your skin. With a honey-like base, the face cream  seems to form a layer over the skin and takes a while to fully absorb while the skin food penetrates deeper into the skin and provides hydration.

Since I recently returned the Glycolic skincare set, I selected an organic cleanser to test out, the 100% Pure Facial Cleanser in lavender seafoam for oily, sensitive skin. It’s natural and vegan, and made with seaweeds, rose hip oil, green tea, and of course lavender. It feels lovely on the skin with a light, refreshing scent barely noticeable and a consistency that resembles a mask treatment. For an at-home bath, I took home a 17th Century Suds bath salts in Peppermint that increases your circulation with magnesium sulfate and cooling peppermint oil 🙂


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