Icelandic Moonflower + Warm Basalt Stones ♥

Just came home from a lovely day out in Hudson, one of my favorite cozy towns in upstate New York. It’s full of interior design shops and galleries, intermixed with skincare from Face Stockholm and Bodhi Holistic Spa among other boutiques. On a cold winter day and with all of the arctic winds and storms recently, selected a warm basalt stone treatment to add some warmth and relax my sore muscles.

Between a steam shower and a sauna session, opted for the sauna for today to prepare for the treatment and added on aromatherapy with Icelandic Moonflower oil from Redflower. Since my experiences with their lotion and body wash from the scent I’m quite happy with the massage. It felt so indulgent to have the warm stones running across my body and penetrating deeply into the ever-so-tight muscles. So warming during the winter season! Along with the moonflower oil and an involved therapist, the whole experience came together as I envisioned.

Once I sipped tea in the lounge and munched on the hot cross yum snacks from the Lightbox, I popped downstairs to check out the skincare goodies in their boutique. Deep Steep carries a bubble bath in a lovely and refreshing honeydew + spearmint scent that I picked up for a couple of winter time baths.


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