Inspired bodycare from Tiossan Dakar ♥

Boutique view from the Street

Four scents that embody feminine sensuality inspire the Tiossan Dakar body care collection from Senegal. Femme captures the grace and elegance of the cultured women, with intuition that guides her way through floral amber to restore inner calm. Fatale embodies the charm and audacity that comes out in every women when spicy exotic notes light her inner flame.

Flamboyant contains honey and honeysuckle, along with musk and amber as top notes to create a joyous and pleasant fragrance. Cozy scent of Terranga captures the serenity and warmth with a comforting scent that makes you feel at home out in the world. As you walk into the boutique in Hudson, you see fragrances and herbal teas on the left, and body washes and lotions lining the shelves with warm colors of persimmon and fuchsia to decorate. Super cozy!

Body lotion display of Femme and Fatale

Each scent collection consists of a parfum, body cream, body scrub, body wash, and a bar soap. Personally, I have moisturized with with Fatale and Flamboyant body cream and both smell delicious, the first with more musk and spice and the second lighter and delicate. Love the smokey scent of the Fatale with the black seed oil at its base along with the rest of the scents, it’s my favorite thus far from the selection ♥


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