Serge Normant, Sara McNamera + Freeze ♥

Pampered myself this evening, with a little rejuvenating facial and hair treatment with product samples from a winter beauty event. A little flame still flickers in the Tuberuse scented candle as I write about. I’m sitting with the Meta Morphosis Hair Repair Treatment in my hair while I give it about 20 minutes to soak in before washing it out 🙂

Just a minute ago, I cleansed my face with the Skin Glacé™ Daily Detoxifying Cleanser & Mask from Freeze 24/7. It foamed up quite nicely into a thick paste from a gel form, and then polished with the Ice Crystals Anti-Aging Prep & Polish. A lovely soft and gentle exfoliation occurred on my skin, it’s much less abrasive than even the natural scrubs from Suki.

Once cleansed, topped it with the Miracle Skin™ Transformer ‘Heal Everything’ Balm and the ‘Vanish’ Instant Imperfection Corrector, both are lovely. You can feel the soothing effect of the rich balm, compared to the lightness of the skin corrector as they synthesize.


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