Bakel Launch and Crème de La Mer

Product display of Bakel Skincare
Sensai emulsion, Bakel, and Crème de La Mer
Along with the Crème de La Mer facial, took home a pouch of goodies from La Mer with a cleansing gel, lifting serum, daily lotion with SPF 15, and a moisturizing creme. I’m cleansing with this set recently, patiently awaiting the cleansing lotion and refining facial cleansers.

Only a small amount of product, the set goes quite a long way and works along with products like the Sensai moisture emulsion III (Super moist). It’s a delicate and pleasantly scented lotion, perfect as a day cream or a soothing night cream. 

Behind the Le Métier de Beauté counter at Bergdorf, you can see a display of products from the Bakel Skincare line coming out soon that consists of a simple design to place emphasis on results-driven products coming out from Italy.

Pure Peel exfoliating face mask consists of flower water and 100% active principles, along with the Oxyregen, a regenerating and oxygenating 24-hour cream. Bakel peel comes out as a transparent jelly that you apply smoothly over your face and neck area. It rests clear on your skin, and you can wash it off after a few minutes.

Once I removed the pure peel, my skin felt noticeably softer and fresher than before. It seemed to improve hydration and along with the oxyregen cream, enhanced the appearance of my skin. Oxyregen feels light and has clean-scent, with a hint of flower water essence. Combining these products into a morning regimen, you can see how Bakel focuses on results.


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