Step.Pose.Repeat for February

US Weekly themed box for February
Contents for February

During the month of February, Birchbox sent a Meta Revive Dry Conditioner from Serge Normant. I’m quite pleased as I have previously applied the Meta-Revive hair mask, shampoo and conditioner from Serge Normant. Dry conditioners serve more purpose to actually condition and freshen up your hair during the day, while a dry shampoo only partly dissolves the need to wash your hair.

Big Easy from Benefit multifunctional balancing cream only lasted for one application, yet it works well as a tinted face cream. It feels like a primer or concealer that you apply to all parts of your face, similar to a BB or CC Cream. Compared to the Juice Beauty CC Cream, this one feels similar, less hydration and more coverage. Prefer the scent and texture of the Juice Beauty cream, but this one provides an intriguing new concept: what is it exactly?

Couture La La Malibu from Juicy Couture, love this line to begin with and have owned clothing and accessories, especially the cute terry outfits perfect for the beach! It’s a fresh scent, like a citrus fruit and it’s subtly reminiscent of laying the beach, for a little while only before the scent fades. Concept makes sense if you can create that beach visual for yourself, by all means, visualize away.

Moving on from the Amore Pacific eye cream found in the Be Beautiful event, and onto this lovely pot of eye cream. It’s Potent! Eye Cream from Benefit came also this month, like the one from the Brow Event at Benefit in October. To compliment the Benefit cream, a pot of the W3LL People Universalist Multi-use Color Stick in a dusty rose tone. It’s cute as a blush to accent cheeks or on your lips before a sheer gloss.


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