Smooth as Duck’s Butt at Farmhouse Fresh

Sweet Cream Fine Grain Salt Scrub from Farmhouse Fresh ($23.00) with rice bran oil smells super lovely, like sweet cream only with more sugar and slightly sweeter in taste. Just showered and buffed with this polish in the morning along with a lychee delicious body wash. 

Sweet cream fine grain salt scrub, seems like a sugar scrub?

Rice bran oil for vitamin-rich, silky softness

Smooth as a duck’s butt 🙂

It comes in a small clear tub with metal lid, and a wooden spoon to scoop out the body polish. Fine crystals of rice bran compose this decadent body polish scented with a country-style fresh cream.

Combine it with running water in the shower or during a bubble bath, you can just apply it gently with the palms of your hands. It’s enjoyable because of the fine texture and once you come out of the shower, your skin feels baby soft, or even smooth as a duck’s butt!

Fluffy bunny Shea butter for body

Lovely scent of lavender mint-julep Shea butter

From the International Esthetics, Cosmetics, and Spa Conference in Manhattan, I took home this scrub along with a Fluffy Bunny Shea Butter Cream ($30.00) and One Fine Day Flawless Face Polish ($25.00) all for highly reduced rates from the show. Fluffy bunny lotion contains lavender and mint-julep scents and comes with a dispenser on top, it’s a unique scent with the mint and flowers.

One find day facial polish opened to show Shea butter

One fine day face polish with Shea butter feels super soft on your skin! Early in the morning, I massaged this polish gently onto my face in a circular motion. It’s dual-function, since it’s both an exfoliant and a gentle cleanser combined. One fine day contains softening Shea butter and when you rinse off the residue polish with warm water, it leaves noticeably smoother skin.

Similar to the sweet cream body polish and the fluffy bunny body lotion with Shea butter, this one fine day polish also smells good enough to eat, almost!


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