Luna Pro Cleansing Device by Foreo Sweden

Once your device charges up, you apply cleanser onto your face and gently stroke the Luna over the skin. Soft silicone brushes on the device gently absorb the cleanser deeper into your skin with dual T- sonic pulsations. On the Luna Pro version, the slightly larger device, you have an anti-aging component on one side and the cleansing brushes on the opposite.

Turquoise blue Luna Mini from Foreo with cleanser

Coming from Stockholm, Sweden this company Foreo showcased a cleansing device similar to the Clarisonic only with a completely rethought design, a Luna Pro ($199.00) and a Luna Mini ($139.00). It even comes in a Luna Luxe version with a 18K Gold base plate.

View of Luna Mini from top left of device

View of Luna Mini from the top right of device

Compared to the Clarisonic, the Luna operates for up to 300 uses on only one charge and comes with only a charger and no fussy brush heads or components. It comes in super colors like the turquoise blue shown in the photos, along with petal pink, magenta, purple, and cool gray in the Mini version. For the Luna Pro, you can select cream for ultra-sensitive skin, petal pink for sensitive/normal, and light blue for combination.

Due to the fresh design and portability of this device, it could replace both cleansing and and anti-aging devices. First looking over at this booth, I thought the Luna device could perhaps be a vibrator and it turned out to be a cleansing device, lovely. Only one for your face of course.


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