Ma-halo for Bath Ice Cream

Ma-halo represents the sentiment of “Thank you” in the Hawaiian culture, a lovely gentlemen from the island shared this during a stay in New Zealand. It’s also the response to the Hawaiian Lei flavor of bath ice cream from ME! Bath. Seeing this line of bath products in many spas and salons, luckily I took a bath earlier in this lovely aqua blue potion.

Pamper yourself with a scoop of luxury for your tub

ME! Bath effervescent bath soak

Funny story about this little bath, upon putting the water on for a few moments and dispensing the effervescent bath ice cream it fully exploded into the tub. It quickly becomes a flurry of fragrant water with the lovely scent of Hawaiian flowers. Bath actually started to drain of water since I stepped away and forgot to lift up the plug to make the bath water stay in the tub.

Hawaiian Lei ME! bath ice cream flavor

It’s okay, enjoyed the bath even with slightly less water in the tub and added the lychee delicious body wash to make the bath super softening! Super happy to actually take a bath with this ice cream and next time I’ll have a full tub of water and perhaps combine with a bubble bath! 


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