Stuff Cupid Dips His Arrows In

Because sometimes fate needs an assist, and here comes such an assist: a lovely blackberry vanilla bubble bath from Not Soap Radio ($16.00) . If not for the artificial coloring I would have taken this concoction home!

Because sometimes fate needs an assist

It’s infused with ginseng, to amplify production of pheromones, the chemicals that your body naturally produces to attract the opposite sex. Super.

Another option for an organic body wash ($20.00) , from PLANT come these clever Wake Up, Get it On, Calm Down, and Get Happy. Did someone tell Ellen about this last one?

Wake Up contains essential oils of Rosemary & Lemongrass for mind and body, Get it On aphrodisiac sandalwood, ginger, and cedar for sensuality, Calm Down with ginger and lavender to quiet the mind, and Get Happy with geranium and peppermint to make you happy!

Stacked on shelves at Urban Outfitters on Fifth, a bunch of on-trend beauty products, Number 4, Fig + Yarrow, Coconut Skin Trip, and Miracle Skin.

Gnarly Whale beach waves spray Ocean Water and Thai Coconut

Sprayed a little Gnarly Whale ocean mist with Ocean Water ($12.00) into my hair, compared to the Thai Coconut it’s a fresh, ocean-like scent. So many of these beach sprays out there, who does it better? It’s a vegan formula that adds volume and subtle beach waves.


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