Skincare Wishlist for the Springtime

Cowshed chamomile toner ($25.00) comes from the new skincare collection for the spring, similar to the body care line found at Barney’s. And here I thought this line only provides scents with cow themes: happy cow, lippy cow, wild cow and so forth. This scent appeals to me, as it’s a delicate chamomile, similar to the soothing herbal tea.

It seems that the Kora Organics clay purifying mask ($53.00) contains plenty of nourishing botanical ingredients, yet it could actually clog your pores if you have oily skin, and the lavender could be irritating for sensitive skin. Love the vitamin-enriched lip balm and the rosehip facial oil from this line, Kora Organics from Australia.

Peach & Lily sent out information about the new uka hair care line, inclusive of the Wake Up! hair treatment ($38.00). It contains Squalane oil derived from olives, similar to the facial oil produced by Indie Lee. For skin blemishes, you can apply the Indie Lee blemish lotion  ($26.00) overnight to prevent and dissolve the inflammation.

Label.m organic orange blossom shampoo ($22.00) comes from a UK-Based boutique, with a conditioner to match. It contains Bergamot and flower water, suitable for fine to medium hair types such as my own. Suqqu limited edition nail polish ($30.00) comes from Selfridges, also a UK-based boutique, in a few limited edition shades in this cosmetics collection.

Naobay silky milk body emulsion ($25.00) provides hydration for your body, while the Anne de Jeunesse sensitive hydrating mask ($20.00) hydrates your face to preserve youthful skin! Silky body emulsion from Naobay actually contains Chamomile also, similar to the Cowshed toner, and it’s made for babies! I’ve actually owned baby lotion and you could put it on even as an adult for baby soft skin.

Setting in style for your blowout, Show Beauty finishing spray looks super fancy in these bottles, especially the black one pictured above. Polymer memory system? It sounds like one of those foam memory mattresses you sleep on. Does the spray actually remember your hairstyle?


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