Bubble Time with San Francisco Bath Salts


Funny story, I popped into a lovely little boutique to pick up bath salts and ended up sniffing oatmeal and honey, lavender, ocean breeze, and zen for men from the San Francisco Bath Salts company. I only caught the zen part and later noticed it’s a scent for men, no worries it smelled lovely with the orchid foaming milk bath from Caprina.

It’s a delicate light blue bath scent, and even though I’m still looking to try the Detox soak from this company, the Zen blend produced an effervescent bubble concoction. Intermixed with the goat milk foaming bath with a gentle orchid scent, added a pleasant touch. Compared to other bath salts, this one felt soothing and absorbed well into the water.
It left a light blue pigment in the milk bath bubbles, and then I blended the bubbles together and dived in. Bath salt provides stress relief by alleviating the tension in your muscles.


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