MUJI Organic and Sensitive Skincare from Japan


Japanese retailer MUJI found all over Manhattan and even at the airport, contains products from Japan for home and travel. Recently, the company launched an organic skin care line and a sensitive skin moisture & high moisture line.

Organic Skin Care Line contains aloe vera juice and organic essential oils, primarily sage leaf, thyme flower, peppermint leaf, English lavender flower, marshmallow root, matricaria flower, jojoba leaf, and rosemary leaf extracts.
In a three step regimen, the organic line consists of an organic moisturizing toner ($33.50), a moisturizing lotion ($31.50), and a moisturizing cream ($28.50). Another line for sensitive skin, contains grapefruit seed extract for hydration and purslane extract as an active ingredient, for low-stimulation on delicate skin.

This line contains multiple types of products for each step of the regimen, a cleansing oil ($16.50) and a cleansing foam ($12.50), followed by a moisturizing toner ($11.50) or a high moisturizing toner.


For moisture and protection of sensitive skin, MUJI offers a moisturizing lotion ($11.50), serum ($16.50), cream ($17.50), and a high moisturizing lotion ($12.50). At the MUJI store in Chelsea, I only had a chance to peruse a few of the products, like spraying on the toner for sensitive skin. It felt clean and refreshing, lighter and more pure compared to other toners.



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