New Cosmetics Collections Debut at The Makeup Show NYC


Ellis Faas, cosmetics from the Netherlands came up first on my list of makeup to explore at the The Makeup Show that took place at the Metropolitan Pavilion from May 4-5, 2014. With speakers from Surratt Beauty and Kabuki, also James Vincent providing a press preview event, the show attracts much attention from the press and beauty industry.

Back to Ellis Faas, a higher-end and professional grade cosmetics line sold at Space.NK Apothecary, debuted a collection of Hot Lips colors in glossy and opaque textures. Once applying the Skin Veil Foundation in shade 103 for warmer complexions and pinker undertones, I paired it with a barbie pink lip color in 404, with hints of coral tones.

Foundation 103 for pink undertones warmed up my skin tone and as it’s coming into summer soon I’m going a shade up with foundation. A makeup artist from Ellis Faas mentioned that the Veil Foundation ($90.00) can be applied alone with its built-in primer, or a few drops combined with a face cream for a tinted moisturizer.


NARS showed a new Adult Swim Collection with dual eyeshadow palettes like Lost Coast ($34.00) that contains a sheer light pink and pewter shimmer and Tropical Princess ($34.00), a key lime and pink shimmer, along with Malacca ($25.00) single eyeshadow, a metallic navy shimmer.

From an earlier Love Yourself event at Barney’s, I had the pleasure of applying the Tinted Moisturizer from this line and checked out the collection of shades. Alaska ($42.00) seemed lighter compared to the one given out previously and compared to the Ellis Faas veil foundation. Politely, I stepped away from the crowded counter and moved further into the show.


Jouer Cosmetics showed a new set of primers, an Anti-Blemish and Anti-Aging Primer ($38.00), both in elegant gold and white shimmer bottles. Paired with one of the Tinted Mattes or an alternate foundation, these primers supposedly provide additional benefits. Dabbled with the powder eye shadows in Caviar ($20.00), a shimmer charcoal and Chocolat ($20.00), a shimmer chocolate brown.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics provided a complimentary collection set for a press preview event, in two color palettes, Crucial Neutrals and Vicious Violets. Both contain a Lip Tar Matte, a Cosmetics Cream Blush, and a Cosmetics Color Stick. Punker ($19.00), a jet black liquid eyeliner also came with the press preview and I noticed this thick eyeliner from an earlier Glossybox monthly subscription.



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