Press Samples of Punker Eyeliner and OCC Makeup Palettes

image imagePress from the Makeup Show NYC took home samples of the Punker liquid eyeliner ($19.00) from Ardency Inn and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics color palettes In Your Face ($47.50) in Violets and Neutrals, each contain a lip tar, lip brush, creme concentrate, and an eyeliner or lip liner. You can also apply the lip tar with your hands, combine with a concealer for a faded out nude lip with hints of plum or combine with a shimmer lip gloss for fuller lips.

Coming out on May 20 online and June 6 in stores, these sets will be available to the public from Sephora. Vicious Violets contains a Lip Tar in Lydia with a small lip brush for application, a Lip Pencil in Lydia, and a Pleasure Model creme concentrate. Lydia looks super wild on your lips, like a deep plum color to embrace the Orchid color of the year.image image

Pantone colors aside, this Crucial Neutrals looks more subtle, with a Zhora lip tar and brush, a taupe color pencil for both eyes and lips Sebastian, and a Trick creme concentrate for cheeks. You can apply the creme concentrate to contour your face at cheeks, chin, and forehead or just apply as a blush.


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