Ellis Faas Veil Foundation and Swatches of Color

imageimageFrom the Makeup Show NYC, I took home a Skin Veil Foundation ($90.00) from Ellis Faas, a high-end makeup line sold online and in select apothecaries. Luckily, the cosmetics lines at the show offered discounts on products that rarely sell below retail price.

Veil Foundation comes in bottle or pen form, and I selected the bottle in a shade darker than my natural skin tone, yet it still blends in quite well. Comparing 101 to 103, I felt the former could wash out my skin and the second could warm me up!

imageIt goes on smoothly and blends into a day cream, one of the better foundations I have owned compared to Make Cosmetics. Both offer quality pigments and even coverage! Veil foundation feels more hydrating and the colors blend in more easily to your natural skin tones. Ellis Faas incorporates human colors into the pigments of the cosmetic line.

The foundations compliment the matching concealers and come in eight shades, both illuminate and accent the skin. In Japan, the owner of Ellis Faas created a foundation with high-quality ingredients like Vitamin E that enable this skin veil to glide on in a thin layer and become one with the skin’s surface.


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