Omorovicza, Clinica, and Tracie Martyn Mini-facial

imageFrom my excursion into Manhattan for the makeup show, I took home a bunch of lovely skincare to test out at home and ended up putting together a little facial with a refining facial, enzyme exfoliant, and a lifting cream following a cleansing lotion that I have at home.

Omorovicza just recently launched a Refining Facial Polisher ($95.00) with Moor’s Mud, a thick and grainy evergreen paste that you apply as an exfoliant. It’s a super fine polish and a small tub of product coated my whole face with a thin, even layer.

This product is similar to the refining facial from La Mer with more of a polish consistency and less of a cooling affect.

Cleaning my skin from the evergreen polish, I gently applied the Tracie Martyn Enzyme Exfoliant ($90.00) from an earlier skincare demonstration. It goes on as a mask and you can see the pieces of exfoliant throughout the cream, it looks like a Smurf’s tush.

Clinica by Ivan Pitanguy developed a line called Previous Lifting Cream, supposed to take your skin back to a previous state and refresh for a youthful appearance. Once I removed the enzyme exfoliant, I applied a coat of this Lifting Cream and it’s quite lovely.


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