Southern Comfort Complimentary Blowout at Drybar


A lovely stylist from Drybar in the Upper East Side of Manhattan performed a complimentary blowout in the Southern Comfort style, a voluminous curled look for longer hair styles.

Drybar features a look book of hairstyles from sleek to curls to fish braids and this sets the salon apart from other blow dry bars with their unique approach.


On my fine and straight hair, the stylist performed this curled look and applied the following products to attain this effect: a Hot Toddy ($33.00) primer for the hair, a Southern Belle ($25.00) volumizing mousse, and a Money Maker ($25.00) spray to pump up the volume.

Once she applied the primer she then started to separate the hair into sections and blow out each part. Applying the mousse to sections in between curling with a round brush, she sealed in the curls with a dryer.

Money Maker spray topped off this look, adding a perfume like scent to my locks and adding more volume to the loose curls. You can see these products lining the shelves of the boutique along with sweet treats.


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