Eve Lom Cleansing Balm, Rescue Mask, and Kiss Mix Lip Balm Review


Eve Lom skincare provided facials to experience their product line, and I selected the above products to take home: a Cleansing Balm for 50 ml ($50.00), a Rescue Mask for 50 ml ($50.00), and a Kiss Mix lip balm ($22.00). On my first attempt at applying the cleansing balm it home, I took a grape- sized amount and rubbed it between my palms. Massaging the balm into my skin, it turned into a milky fluid and then gently faded into the warm muslin cloth as I pressed the cloth on to remove the balm.

imageCleansing balm turned into an paste, then oil, and then milky fluid combined with water, and the muslin cloth gently took off the balm from my skin. Since I applied this balm in the evening, I followed with a hint of Squaline Facial Oil ($34.00) from Indie Lee and the sample of Eye Lift eye cream from Eve Lom.

From my experience at the Eve Lom counter, the mask contains camphor, clay, and honey, and the honey reacts to any inflammation with a warm sensation. I’m only applying this mask once a week to remove impurities from the congested areas of my skin with the gommage technique performed by the aesthetician.

I’m quite happy to have found this Kiss Mix lip balm, as it’s gentle for sensitive skin on your lips and feels like a lip slip of sorts. Compared to anything from Cowshed to Malin + Goetz to Rodin to Kora Organics that all have lovely lip balms, this might be my favorite simply due to its soft texture and menthol scent.

When you apply just a dabble of the balm, your lips become shiny and you feel the tingle of menthol. Obviously, the downside to lip balm pots however, you have to apply with your hands and make sure they are clean.

imageAn aesthetician from Eve Lom selected samples of the radiance primer, TLC radiance cream, eye lift, and the morning cleanser for me to test out. Morning cleanser ($60.00) compares to the consistency of the cleansing balm, only it’s smoother and contains papaya. Cleansing balm contains pieces of ground almond that gives it an exfoliating texture.

Since I’m still apply a cleansing lotion in the morning, I selected the cleansing balm to take home. Eve Lom suggests you apply the morning cleanser for daytime to gently cleanse and the cleansing balm in the evening for deeper exfoliation. You don’t want to apply the cleansing balm in the morning, and then subject your skin to the sun and pollution once it’s freshly cleansed!

Eye Lift eye cream feels lighter and cooler to the touch than similar products, like a calendula cream I’m currently applying as an eye balm. You only need a small dabble of cream to pat into the under eye area and above the eye into the brow area to firm. TLC Radiance Cream also feels similar to the eye cream infused with more moisture of course and comparable to the Verso day cream.

Verso feels more emollient and contains Retinol for healing skin irritations, compared to the Eve Lom cream that feels lighter and with less of a scent. All of the skincare in the Eve Lom line has a slightly different scent and feel, yet plays in together for a pleasant skincare experience and leaves skin feeling refreshed. It feels like this line takes my skin back to it’s natural state of purity.


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