Blow By Blow on Oak Street Beauty Bar Complimentary Blowouts


Such a lovely coincidence, seeing the Blow by Blow beauty bar from Oak Street at a technology conference in River North. Santa Monica travel company sponsored this beauty salon bar for the conference to offer complimentary blowouts to attendees.

Of course, I selected a tousled beach look to suit the beach themes from Santa Monica and spoke with a lovely stylist about their salon in the Gold Coast. I noticed the Kevin Murphy and Moroccan Oil products on their blowout station table.

ImageComing back from New York recently, I became accustomed to seeing the Drybar and Blow locations around Manhattan, and noticed these hair salons in Chicago have completely different products for their blowout services. In the Blow by Blow bar, you can find the Kevin Murphy products in the retail section.

Their shine spray smells like perfume, comparable to the Drybar and Oribe styling sprays! I’m quite pleased to discover this salon resting quietly on the third floor of 67 West Oak Street and I’ll be sure to see them over the summer.



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