Chuan Spa Outdoor Yoga at the Langham Plaza


Chuan Spa at the Langham Hotel at 330 N Wabash hosted the first of three complimentary outdoor yoga sessions today. The next sessions take place at the same location in July and August at 10:00am.

Concluding the yoga session outside the Langham Hotel in Chicago felt lovely! It’s one of the most pleasurable yoga sessions I’ve experienced. The weather held out with sun and a soft breeze, and no rain until the afternoon.

Yoga instructor Liz Edwards led the group with many down dogs, warrior one and two poses, and child’s pose paired with happy baby pose at the conclusion to cool out!


For the outdoor yoga, I wore my Joie cheetah pants and a mint North Face hoodie, with my hair casually up in a Satya bracelet as a makeshift scrunchie.

The instructor expressed that “all beings are to be happy and free” and “the light in me resides in you” sentiments from the Sanskrit traditions. She pressed down on each yogi’s shoulders to strengthen the stretch and center our mind with our body.



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