Matte Finish Kit Stencils and Body Jewels from Tattoo Junkee


Tattoo Junkee from Los Angeles provides realistic tattoo color and stencils to spice up your beauty routine. You can apply an at-home tattoo on yourself that will not fade by the pool or at the beach, and it looks surprisingly genuine.

I just applied a “sweet not perfect” tattoo stencil from Tattoo Junkee with the Rockstar MatteFINISH Kit ($10.00). And here’s the simple process.


This kit comes with a small brush to apply the matteFINISH, a black tube of matteFINISH tattoo paint, a setting powder, and two sheets of precision-cut stencils.

I selected a stencil and simply placed the sheet onto my hand without trimming out the design. I applied enough matteFINISH to cover the words in the stencil, and then brushed out the matteFINISH into the crevices.


Only a few minutes to dry, and then you dust the tattoo with setting powder. You remove the actual stencil a few seconds after applying the matteFINISH. It’s lovely that DNA provided a Jewels body stencils ($4.00) set and body jewels ($5.00) from Swarovski crystals to complement the Rockstar set. You can also apply body glitter from a lip paint set to the temporary tattoos!

Press samples provided by DNA Publicity.


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