Sararose on Oak hosts Women, Wellness, Brows, and Adornment


Sararose on Oak, a personal stylist and wardrobe consultant service on Oak Street hosted a women’s wellness event at the Salon of the Arts Club. The lovely event took place on the 11th of July in the afternoon. A dashing group of intellectual and stylish women listened to influential speakers on acupuncture, adornment, meditation, yoga, healing, and nutrition.

Margaret Buckman started with an anecdote about African prayer beads and how she discovered a passion for making jewelry based on an invaluable gift. An acupuncturist from the Chicago Healing Center described the emotional release from the insertion of needles into meridian points though the five element theory.

Karyn Calabrese from Karyn’s Raw told us that 99% of what we put into our bodies is not supposed to be inside and that causes imbalances within the body. She states that “we all know what we are supposed to be doing and we know how to take care of ourselves, the world’s not set up for us to remember.”

Meditation comes from finding the quiet place inside, as “genius forms in quiet” quoted by Goethe. An instructor from the Transcendental Meditation center in Evanston spoke about her simple approach to meditation and how to elevate what lies beneath the surface of the subconscious mind.

Owner of Tao of Brow, a brow salon on Oak Street, Alina Lazarvitch spoke about her journey to becoming an eyebrow sculptor and her approach to shaping an identity through the eyebrows. I thought the eyes are the window to the soul, then what are the eyebrows? Perhaps the curtain?

She states that each person has unique eyebrows with varying dimensions and density, therefore she applies a specific technique for that person. Eyebrows shade the eye and prevent moisture from seeping into the eye area. Quoting Breaking Bad, “Fuck you and your eyebrows.” as a humorous sentiment of how people often portray eyebrows in a negative light.

From Massage and Yoga Evolved, the owner suggests applying your intuition into healing your body and embracing pain for release. Complimenting this perspective, yoga instructor Carla Primero suggests that mind and body must be connected as she guided us through a simple yoga sequence of ujjayi breath.

Denson Marketing guru led participants through a series of questions to promote self-reflection. You are your brand, and you have to become comfortable with yourself in public and develop an elevator pitch for self-promotion. She mentions that “freedom is the power to unleash” and this sentiment relates to both meditation and acupuncture processes of releasing blocks and moving through your intuition.

Participants of the event took home a set of Murad skincare products from the Tao of Brow salon and a lucky few took home a raffle item. I’m one of the lucky ones and took home a Detox course from Karyn’s Raw and a Soak Your Nuts book. Thank you so much to both Karyn’s and Sararose on Oak for this generous gift and a pleasant afternoon!


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