Chuan Spa Membership Trial and Manuka Honey Lip Balm at Langham


Participants of the first yoga class of the summer received a week membership trial to the luxurious Chuan Spa located inside of the Langham Chicago.

Guests of the spa love the color palette, deep brown and auburn to contrast the pristine white marble walls laced with shades of gray. Walking into the reception area, I poured a cup of warm herbal tea and pranced into the lockers for a robe and slippers.

Part of the wonder of this spa includes the decadent bathing ritual.

Open the Himalayan salt sauna for 10-15 minutes, then hop over to a Chamomile steam room, and then an herbal sauna infused with basil. Eucalyptus rain showers to follow and then resting on heated loungers overlooking the river.

Once you feel warm and cozy, then you can wander over to the starlit pool for a swim. Don’t forget to turn on the jet bubbles when you hop into the jacuzzi to warm up.

Come time to shower, you are most likely in love with the place and then you see a full set of amenities. Pearly tubes of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and a shaving kit to supplement the rainforest showers. By the end, you just melt out of the Moon Gate doors.

Chuan Spa even offers it’s own line of bath salts, shower gels, essential oils, soaps, and lip balm. Thanks to a lovely attendant, I took home a Living Nature Manuka honey lip balm ($5.00) to test out on my lips. It’s gently and emollient, similar to Cowshed lippy cow natural lip balm ($8.00) from Barney’s.

This Manuka honey lip balm comes from the Living Nature company made in Auckland, New Zealand exclusively for Chuan Spa. Produced from the nectar of Manuka tea tree flowers, it contains antibacterial elements unique to this plant.

Manuka honey contains healing properties and honey itself soothes inflammation. The concept behind the spa blows me away as much as the experience.

It’s about retreating back into that place of quiet and restoring the connections of mind and body.


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