AmorePacific Signature Facial Treatment with Asian Botanicals

imageAmorePacific, the best selling skincare line of Korean cosmetics, hosted a signature facial event at Neiman Marcus on Michigan Avenue. One of the lovely aestheticians from this line came into the store to perform the facial in a private spa room.

I’m relatively new to this line and slowly incorporate new products into my personal regimen, like adding an exfoliator or mask, also adapting to the seasons.


First, she started to remove makeup and refresh skin with the Foaming Cleanser ($50.00), because I have slightly dryer skin on the cheeks and more oily in the center. Next we deeply, yet gently exfoliated the skin with the Treatment Enzyme Peel ($60.00), that comes out as a powder form.

You simply combine the powder with water and it turns into a foam that you massage onto your skin, and remove with a warm cloth. She mentioned that this peel gently exfoliates with the natural enzymes and you can apply it 2-3 times per week. Once cleansed, we followed with the alcohol-free Treatment Toner ($50.00) to remove any residual impurities and tone the skin.


Refining the texture, she applied the Bio-enzyme Refining Complex ($250.00), a light serum that compliments the enzyme peel. On top of these concoctions, a layer of Moisture Bound Gel, that you can substitute for a Moisture Bound Cream. On the eye area, a Moisture Bound Eye Treatment ($85.00) and then a CC Tinted Moisturizer ($60.00) that contains sun protection.

She also applied the Moisture Bound Sleeping Recovery Mask ($60.00) during the facial; this mask you apply in the evening and then follow your morning cleansing routine. Supposedly, you can apply it once a week and this mask intensely hydrates your skin while you sleep.


For my summer regimen, I’m cleansing with a lotion in the morning. During the day, I apply sun protection or a day cream and a cleansing balm in the evening. To hydrate in the evening, I apply squaline oil to help serums absorb better, an optional serum, and then an eye cream.

Such a lovely time to come in for a facial, as the gift certainly would make anyone smile! All guests of the event took home a complimentary Luminous Effect Brightening Masque ($110.00), terry cloth head-band, and a pouch with deluxe Treatment Cleansing Soap, Treatment Enzyme Peel, and a Lifting Serum.



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