Sunday Evening Cleansing Ritual and Home Facial Treatment


It took about 30 minutes or less for this at-home facial treatment. You first apply a gentle cleansing balm to remove makeup and debris acquired during the day.

Once you removed the excess with a warm muslin cloth soaked in tepid water, you pour a treatment enzyme peel powder into your palm. Combining with water, you lather up the peel and brush onto your skin for 30 seconds.

Removed the peel with the muslin cloth and then brush on the clay rescue mask covering all corners of your face, avoiding the eye area. You can apply this mask with a foundation brush, beauty blender, or your hand the old-fashioned way.


Once it hardens about 10 minutes, you can rub it with the gommage technique, or rinse with the muslin cloth. Run the cloth under cool water and then press onto your skin to close up the pores after the mask treatment.

Cleanse your skin a second time to remove any left-over mask with a gentle foam or cleansing lotion and wipe away with the muslin cloth.

Dispense 1-2 pumps of facial oil into your palm, preferably 100% squaline oil derived from olives. Press into your cheeks, neck, and decollete, including areas where you have dryer skin!

Follow up with a serum or complex treatment, and then dabble an eye cream under your eyes and above the brow bone. Dab a lip treatment and then settle in for some beauty sleep!


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