Oribe Gold Lust Shampoo, Conditioner, and Masque Collection


Oribe launched the Gold Lust summer collection and based on the Gold Lust nourishing hair treatment oil, developed a shampoo, conditioner, and reconstructor cream. Barneys New York carries many of the Oribe products, with the exclusion of this collection. You can test out this collection exclusively at Space.NK Apothecary.

During the previous winter, I washed my hair with the Oribe Ultra Gentle Collection and it seemed to make my hair durable and shiny, not to mention the beautiful scent! In comparison, this Gold Lust Collection produced a similar result, the same level of nourishment. Applying the Repair and Restore Shampoo ($48.00), it lathered easily and penetrated into my scalp for a deeply clean feeling.


Once immaculately clean, I coated my hair with the Repair and Restore Conditioner ($49.00) and it absorbed for about a minute. The directions on these bottles are quite simple: massage, indulge (for a minute or for as long as you want), and rinse. For a deep conditioner, I rinsed out the first conditioner treatment and applied the second Transformative Masque ($62.00).

Compared to the Gentle line, the Gold Lust line seems to work about the same, despite the neutral scent. This masque I kept on the hair for a while longer, about 10 minutes and then rinsed out with colder water. Cold water supposedly closes the hair follicle and makes it look shinier!


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