Delicious Wellness Seminars and Spa Services at Be Healthful Retreat

Tucked away in a hidden cove in West Town, the Be Healthful Retreat took place at Moonlight Studios this recent weekend. With hundreds of young women in attendance, the open-house style retreat offered yoga classes, nutritional workshops, and wellness-related vendors to promote wellness practices and widen the scope of “being healthful.”

For my personal itinerary, I listened to seminars about Healthy Cooking, with canning in particular, from Morgan & Rayne and Ayurvedic Detox with the owner of Hamsa, an ayurvedic healing center. Vendors passed out samples of vegan and raw foods, like quinoa from Prasino, and juice cleanses from Tumeric and Juice Rx.

Morgan & Rayne demonstrated how to make a blueberry thyme jam and also provided guests with complimentary jam and pickled green tomatoes to take home. You simply saute the fresh blueberries with sugar and thyme, simmer for about an hour, then place a 3/4 full bottle of jam in water, and invert on a table to pasteurize.

Speaking of Ayurvedic practices with the Hamsa owner, we found out that Ayurveda connects people with the sun and moon cycles, living with the sun, and sleeping with the moon.

Women should be more introspective in the new moon, social in the full moon, and also deeply introspective in no moon, connecting with the earth for constant harmony. You can measure with your hands while cooking to connect with the earth in a primitive sense, and sync your diet with the sun and moon cycles to restore your cells memory.

Ortanic, a natural-based airbrush tanning studio, provided a complimentary spray tan for the adventurous few (like myself). The technician sprayed my body with the solution about twice and then dusted the moist areas with a shimmer powder. It looked gorgeous and I had many compliments from the event and beyond!

Compared to similar airbrush tanning solutions, this one had a pleasant scent and felt better on my skin with little to no residue. On to the Dream Spa, a light system than you place your upper body into, to induce the effects of deep sleep. It feels like you’re in a tanning booth too, with flicking bulbs that feel stimulating and relaxing at the same time. Do we really need more stimulation to put our society into further sleep?

More spraying at the Leah Chavie Salon booth, for an oxygen facial demonstration, that infuses pure oxygen with scents of ylang ylang for a calming sensation, it feels lovely! One of the best perks of the show, this salon provided the choice of complimentary Infrared Body Wrap ($125) or a Signature Facial ($99.00) at their Lincoln Park location.

Starship Salon provided complimentary sachets of Kevin Murphy (slowing loving this hair care line) wash and rinse. Stoked to discover more about this line, it seems to be following me everywhere since this summer. I’m more interested in the Angel.wash and Angel.rinse, for fine and color-treated hair, does a subtle ombre count?

Yasou, a body and skincare line from Greek origins presented guests with samples of natural body cream during the event, and cellular renewal day cream and night cream to take home. Both the day cream and night cream for your face feel similar, thick and emollient, like the Creme de La Mer consistency. A little thick for a face cream, especially for oil-prone skin types.


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