Sustainable Beauty and Wellness Vendors at the Green Festival

image  image

So many organic and holistic vendors gathered in Navy Pier for the Green Festival. The event took place on the festival hall on the far East corner, same location as the upcoming Sofa Expo.

I took home goodies from 2 Degrees, Wholesome Sweeteners, Hemp Hearts from Manitoba Harvest, Breathe supplement drops from Doterra, Dr. Bronners castille soaps, Veri natural cola, facial oils from Folium Medica, along with samples and coupons.

You can locate many of these vendors at Plum Market, Mrs. Green, or Whole Foods and some only work through independent retailers, like Pangea Organics. I sipped some amber honey from a straw provided by Wholesome Sweeteners and dabbed some facial oils onto my skin during my evening regimen. It currently goes clay cleanser, facial oil, restoring dew and calendula eye cream!

Nessalla Kombucha provided kombucha samples of Peach Blush, Ginger Turmeric, and Oolong, all of them I tasted! One of the kombucha cups held a culture, a jelly-like substance that comes from the fermentation. Another exquisite vendor, Living Nature sampled granola and seed powders while burning an intense concoction of incense.

Coming from the snacks section while sipping Veri natural cola, I checked out the Liskabora section, with natural bath salts, soaps, and perfumes. I love the packaging style of this natural line, similar to the clean feel of Bonnie Co. from Renegade.

I had a chance to test antioxidant levels with Pharmenex Scanner, an electronic device that scans your palms and spits out an antioxidant level. It looks like many of us humans are deficient in antioxidants and most need more pomegranate and berries!


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