#BloggersNeverCoast Preview Opening Event at Flywheel Old Town


Compared to the Gold Coast location a few blocks from the Dana Hotel, this Old Town location on North Wells feels brighter and more open, or perhaps it’s just the fancy new lockers?

I’m going to sleep so well tonight after an acupuncture session earlier and an amazing spinning session at the new Flywheel location in Old Town.

Reserving online, you walk into the studio to check-in then pick up your cycling shoes from the cube by the computers. Select a water bottle, towel, and optional hair ties or earplugs (wish I wore them) and proceed to the lockers.

Even though the event only previewed the cycling portion of the studio, this location also offers barre classes.


Close to the lockers, you have changing rooms with showers and Bliss Spa amenities, and restrooms of course!

I felt a little fatigued after the intense ride and the Flywheel team generously provided glucose tabs and a banana to increase my blood sugar levels.


During the ride, the instructor guided us through intervals of adjusting the Torq with the gear on the bike, and the rotations per minute based on the speed of our wheels or how fast we are pedaling.

We rotated between low Torq of about 20-30 and higher rotations of over 100, and gradually lowering down to 30-40 rotations and similar Torq level in balance.

For the blogger preview event hosted by Zapwater Communications, the team provided a complimentary ride and refreshments from Protein Bar, along with lovely goodies: a shirt, baseball cap, water bottle, Kind bar, wristband, and Protein Bar snacks.

It felt lovely to experience this breath-taking ride in an incredible new spot in the heart of Old Town! Thank you to Flywheel Sports and Zapwater for making this happen!



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