Opening Night Preview for Sculpture Objects Functional Art Chicago


Invited to attend a preview reception before the public preview of the Sculpture Objects Functional Art + Design show, guests enjoyed wines and hors d’oeuvres and browsed the exquisite creations from international exhibitors. I sipped some Green Sheep aluminum bottled water and Pink Moscato and delighted in this annual showcase, some of the pieces are simply marvelous. The show takes place at the far east entrance of Navy Pier and welcomes artists, designers, curators, media, and enthusiasts during the four-day weekend event.


During the opening night preview, guests attended a complimentary opening reception and then a public preview ($50.00) to follow, with general admission tickets for $20.00 daily. The pieces that caught my eye, were those with translucent colors, soft pastels and musty tones. One of my favorite statement pieces, a collection of soft pink frosted bottles, in the shape of perfume and cosmetics bottles (see the beauty connection?) with the concept “reality is merely an illusion” intermixed between the bottles. Beauty is such a philosophical concept, despite its superficial appearance.



Some of the pieces are quite out of reach, with prices from a $5,700 black sculpture by David Royce, of the Maria Elena Kravetz gallery to $53,000 for a glass sphere by Lino Tagilepietra. A collection entitled ‘flow’ consisted of ceramic plates on a wall in a flowing pattern, with obscure ceramic bottles on a table, with a similar color scheme both in lovely muted tones. I felt this theme throughout the show, many neutral tones and themes, compared to more bold or darker themes of previous years. Still tons of glass sculptures, perhaps less emphasis than before.


Haruo Shamomoto created this suspended masterpiece, with a sense of space, placement, and depth perception, cream on a black background gives this piece a sense of movement, compared to a mounted ceramic piece, that looks like an over-sized cloud of dust.


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