Witchery Modeling Mascara and Perfumes from Rogue Bunny Rogue Cosmetics


Distributed in Chicago, exclusively at the Thomas West Salon in the Merchandise Mart, this line of cosmetics from Moscow, Rouge Bunny Rouge combines the botanical qualities of conscious skincare, with the exquisite style of higher-end makeup. Similar to NARS, only better for your skin, this line offers mascaras, lip colors, several skin pigment options, and even perfumes.

Beyond the Witchery Modelling Mascara ($29.00) in an intensive black Midnight, I took home a few tubs of tinted moisturizer and illuminating cream, and samples of Lilt and Embers. These perfumes are perfect opposites, the Lilt more delicate and floral with fig leaf, jasmine, and musk, and the Embers more sensual and incense-like.

image image

Comparable to the tinted moisturizer from Nars, this Sketches on Water tinted moisturizer gives you super light and breathable coverage, combined with a Highlighting Liquid. The modelling mascara, with it’s flexible brush and plastic bristles gives you mobility as you sculpt the lashes, giving more emphasis on each individual lash.

Since applying the Miss Manga mascara recently, for twisty and messy lashes, with it’s flexible bristles produced a completely different result. I found this modelling mascara from Rogue Bunny Rogue to produce the desired result of separating each of the lashes for a natural look.



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