Bumble and Bumble Styling Event at Robert Jeffrey Salon in Wicker Park


Bumble and Bumble hosted a styling session over the summer for Voice & Vision, where stylists gathered from the top salons in Chicago to celebrate the hairstyles inspired by Laurent Filipon and his memoir book, Hair: Fashion and Fantasy.

On April 13th, Bumble and Bumble held another styling event at Robert Jeffrey Salon  in Wicker Park for 1960s inspired hairstyles. The styling took about two and a half hours from seating time, to prep, to the actual blowout itself. Before the styling, I took a detour to the nearby Le Colombe to ensure I would stay awake during the blowout, as I’m quite famished from the intense cooking class the day before!

That same day, Sprinkles offered a complimentary cupcake for the anniversary birthday, a confetti cupcake with cream doused in rainbow sprinkles. This would be a lovely and popular addition to their weekly menu. By sheer coincidence, the salon provided cupcakes & coffee for guests of the styling session.

Once the stylists consulted with their models, we had our hair shampooed and conditioned, mine with the Gentle Shampoo & Conditioner, the same shampoo that I sampled from Bristle & Creme back in December! I worked with Sarah from the Jonathan Breitling Salon in the Lakeview neighborhood. She applied Grooming Cream to prep the hair after conditioning, and sprayed with Thickening Spray and Bumble Hairspray throughout the styling, to attain high volume for the slicked back ponytail.

The stylist spent most of the time blowing the hair dry and adding volume with product and back combing. Once the hair had a high level of volume and thickening product, it made it much more malleable to brush into a ponytail and then curl the ends. From the salon, I took home a few samples of Surf Foam Wash & Cream Rinse, and the Repair Cream for blow drying.

Thank you for the complimentary blowout from Bumble and Bumble from the salon, stylists, and instructor and the Bumble team in New York!


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