Burt’s Bees Skincare from Plum Market Apothecary’s Spring Spa Days

image imageEvery season, the apothecary at Plum Market in Old Town hosts a “Spa Days” to indulge customers in beauty products and inform of new trends and lifestyle innovations in the natural and organic segments. When I attended this spring season’s on Saturday April 25, 2015, I entered a raffle and just picked up a lovely gift of Burt’s Bees natural skincare!

It came with a Milk & Honey Body Lotion ($8.00), a Hand Cream ($9.00), a Hand Salve ($9.00), Facial Towelettes ($8.00), Lip Treatment with Kukui Butter ($4.00), and two Lip Balms in Coconut Pear ($3.30), and Pomegranate ($3.30). I’m happy with this line of skincare for sensitive skin, and the scents of milk & honey, and almond are among my favorites. So far, I have wiped my face with the towelettes, that contain white tea extract and it takes off make-up without drying out your skin, and it’s nice if you’re only wiping your face and wish to leave on your eye makeup.


Such as my case, with the lovely Courageous line of eye shadows by Estee Lauder, I had to leave in one for a while! On my hands, I applied a double coat, with the almond scented hand cream, that I prefer to the salve because it’s most emollient and buttery, while the salve only provides a thin coat and it’s better as a cuticle oil or just for rougher areas. The almond smells lovely, like an amaretto shot for your espresso and it’s super delicate.

I dabbed my lips with the lip treatment with kukui butter, super soft and delicate too. This is an everyday type of lip balm and a neutral base coat for lip stick or lip gloss, even though it’s considered a treatment, I would suggest it throughout the day. Thank you Plum Market for another spa experience and for the Burt’s Bees Skincare!



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