Daily Keratin Treatment Rescue Rx Nail Strengthener Launched By CND


During the recent Face and Body Midwest and America’s Beauty Show, members of press had a chance to enjoy a complimentary Shellac manicure sponsored by CND. Upon drying the second layer of shellac top coat, the manicurist provided a complimentary Daily Keratin Treatment as a treat for members of the press to take home.

Naturally, when I take home products, I write a sponsored post about the experience and here is my review of this treatment. It comes in a bottle the same as the shellac nail polishes, a shiny white bottle with light blue accents. It contains a wand for the treatment, one that looks like a nail polish applicator, and it dispenses an oil treatment that you brush onto both your nails and cuticles. I coat my nails with one coat and then massage the oil into my cuticles.

The clinically proven results are: Week 1- 80% noticed improvements and 80% less white spots, Week 4- 80% less peeling and 73% less splitting. Based on the results of this study, it’s better to apply this daily keratin for an extended period of time, until you begin to notice a difference. Keratin protein and jojoba oil combine in this treatment, for less nail peeling and white spots, and if you apply shellac or gel manicures, it’s an interim treatment to rejuvenate your nails!

image image

The treatment is very emollient and feels nurturing, similar to a cuticle oil, as opposed to nail strengtheners that feel more like nail polish, this one feels more like a cuticle oil. When I have polish on, it seems to only cover the cuticle area and only seeps into exposed skin around the polished nail bed. Obviously.

I believe this nail treatment works best when brushed onto natural nails and cuticles for 7-10 days continually, giving the nails a chance to rest and repair with the aid of the treatment. It smells pleasant, no offensive odor and a clear color, mostly invisible. This could be called Ghost Oil, maybe Verb can lend out the label.

Cuteness, I just brushed the daily keratin treatment onto my nail beds and cuticles, and it soaked into them within a few minutes. While manicuring at home, I appreciate that it soaks in quickly and the nails are prepped for a base coat, like the hydrating base coat by Deborah Lippman ($20.00) and these work well together, hello hydration. This is a convenient treatment, you can place it on your nightstand and then brush it on before your beauty rest.

Disclosure: Press samples generously provided complimentary by CND Shellac, care of Face and Body Midwest, for detailed review on Oak Lovely Beauty.


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