Sea Spray, Hydrating Shampoo + Hydrating Conditioner from Verb Haircare


I first discovered this innovative and conscientious Verb Products haircare line in the woodlands of upstate   New York. Coming back to Chicago, I had the chance to meet with the company during the recent beauty shows in March and talk with them about their new products.

The sea spray comes in a small spray bottle with this oceanic blue liquid, the sea salt styling product of course. It sprays out easily and is less sticky than similar sprays, while provide the same amount of texture. It’s a light hold spray, more for adding style and perhaps combining with multiple styling products, like a thickening spray or medium hold hairspray. It gives you a beach waves and a “surfer” look, without the actual salt residue that other sea salt sprays contain.

This spray is comparable to Sachajuan sea salt spray, at a more conscious price point ($14.00) for Verb, compared to Sachajuan ($30.00). I spray this on at the ends and then brush through my hair to accentuate the texture and messy look, and there’s a video that demonstrates the technique here: Sea Spray. Quinoa protein and sweet almond extract moisturize the hair shaft, and sunflower oil offers sun protection.

For windswept waves and dry texture, the sea salt component of the spray adds volume and texture. You begin with dry hair, then spray in the product from roots to ends. Scrunch, twist, and curl the hair from the ends, section by section as you spray, and you have loose, windswept waves. You can also emphasize the waves with a diffuser, with only use of the spray and no need to wash hair before, the kelp extract cleanses the hair of excess oils.

Both the hydrating shampoo and conditioner have a pleasant scent and the entire collection follows a beach and ocean inspired scent. Clean and fresh, feels like a deep clean without stripping the hair of natural oils. I would suggest only washing your hair 1-2 times per week, and applying conditioner 3-4 times. I’m combining the Oribe shampoo and conditioner with these new Verb products, as I am told it benefits your hair to alternate, care of a Blowtique Salon stylist suggestions.

Besides these three products, there are a handful of additional styling products like Ghost Oil, and Dry Shampoo that hold promise. I decided to start with the first three, since they are more functional for a basic haircare routine, and the hair oils and dry shampoo act as fluff if you have developed the health of your hair and are happy with the products you currently have.

I’m pleased to have a chance to explore this up and coming haircare line, and hope to see it in more stores, even Barneys. Thank you so much to the Verb Haircare company for your generous press samples and best wishes with the growth of your company!

Disclosure: Press samples provided complimentary by Verb Haircare, care of Face & Body Midwest, for detailed review by Oak Lovely Beauty.



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