“Love Sees” Jewelry Installation for Charity Hosted by Bloomingdale’s

logoLove sees. Walk into the first floor of Bloomingdale’s on Michigan Avenue, and you will see a temporary installation for Love Sees, a precious jewelry that benefits Teen Suicide Prevention and Awareness, with 10% of it’s profits.



Love Sees has a mission for it’s sterling silver jewelry with love phrases, “Wear this knowing that love sees your destiny and purpose and that you have the power to give love.” It’s a wonderful and empowering mission, that we need to be reminded of consistently, no matter how obvious it might seem.

Love accepts. Love creates. Love frees. Love heals. Love hopes. Love laughs. Love listens. Love protects. Love saves. Love teaches. Most notably, love sees!


The installation will only be at Bloomingdale’s for Memorial Day weekend, but you can shop online at Love Sees. If you notice, the gift book states “You take back power when you choose love” and it’s such a true sentiment.

Love Sees promotes the concept that love sees beyond circumstances and sees destiny and purpose within a person. It suggest that love is more than a feeling, but also an action that can be shown. Perhaps it’s even an emotion, like the Pixar movie coming up, how would love look and how would it dress?



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