Got Milk? Comes Out With Packaged Goods like Cotton Candy Milk Infusers


We have undoubtedly seen the commercials!

Sponsored by the California Milk Processor Board, this group promotes the consumption of milk through television commercials, with a milk mustache that asks the iconic question:  got milk?

The got milk? brand just launched new products: cookies, granola, ready-to-eat cereals, cereal bars, hot cocoa spoons, flavored powder and milk infusers, complimentary products to milk! During the Sweets & Snacks Convention, the got milk? company hosted a milk bar for tasting it’s new milk infusers, like a Strawberry infuser, and a Cotton Candy infuser.

I enjoyed the Cotton Candy most, as it turns the milk into a lovely shade of mint, flavored with with the nostalgic taste of cotton candy. It’s a genius concept for this brand to extend it’s offerings into a consumable product, especially since it’s all-natural with no artificial flavors.

The Cotton Candy Milk Infuser contains 10 calories per serving, with 24 servings per bottle and intense flavor of course!

Simply press the plastic bottle at the center to dispense the liquid and stir into the milk. Quite simple. It comes out as a bright blue liquid that dissolves into milk for a light blue color, like soft and fluffy clouds of cotton candy. Flavored milk straws ($1.99), liquid milk infusers ($4.99), and powdered flavor enhancers ($1.99), come in flavors like chocolate, strawberry, cotton candy. cookies & cream, orange cream, and maple brown sugar. I’m partial to the Cotton Candy.

It’s just so light and delicate. Caffeine jolt, here we come! Got Milk? caffeinated milk infusers come in caramel macchiato, chai spice latte, vanilla latte, and mocha, that turn your cup of milk into an iced coffee. Instantly, wake up and smell the caffeine-infused milk.

Press samples generously provided by got milk?, care of Sweets & Snacks, for detailed review on Oak Lovely Beauty.



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