Superfoods With Soul from Himalania Presents Chocolate Covered Chia Seeds


These chocolate covered chia seeds from Himalania provide a new and refreshing method of enjoying chia seeds. I have been consuming chia seeds intermittently for years, depending on my lifestyle preferences and they are wonderful for spooning into smoothies and cereals.

It’s a new concept, coating these delicate chia seeds with chocolate that gives them more volume, and turns them into more of a treat, like chocolate raisins or chocolate covered nuts. It makes sense for people that need some persuasion to infuse their diets with fiber, protein, magnesium, iron, omega-3, omega-6, and essential amino acids, with chocolate on top!



Here’s a novel suggestion, combine these organic chia seeds into your favorite recipe for chocolate chip cookies, like this recipe, and substitute the chia seeds for the chocolate chips. These superfoods from Himalania are organic, raw, vegan, and gluten-free, supporting the company mission of Natierra “fuses the spirit of adventure and the celebration of health and community to bring conscious consumers unique Superfoods with Soul.

Select retailers like Whole Foods Market offer these chia seeds from Himalania. When you first taste these chocolate covered chia seeds, it’s surprising that they taste just like chocolate pebbles, but inside packed with the nutrition and proteins of chia seeds alone.

Press samples generously provided by Himalania, care of Sweets & Snacks, for detailed review on Oak Lovely Beauty.



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