Take Greece Home With Hydrating Body Cream from Yasou Natural Skincare


Even though this hydrating body cream ($60.00) is for your entire body, and best for applying after your bath or shower before bedtime, it’s also a wonderful spot treatment. If you’re at home on a drizzly afternoon giving yourself a manicure or pedicure, this lush body cream gives a touch of softness to dryer areas of skin, like hands that are washed so often, and moisturizes cuticles with essential oils.

It’s best to apply this body cream while your skin is still moist to envelope the water and hydrate, hence the term hydrating body cream. It also melts the cream and it absorbs better into your skin!

I like the concept of taking a spa experience home with you, and how just applying one product, a body cream can create this ritual experience for your mind & body & soul.

The natural aroma of essential oils adds to the experience, with cypress essential oil to firm loose skin and muscles, inducing calm, to soothe and relieve stress, lavender essential oil to induce calm and sedate, promoting sleep and relaxation, and mandarin essential oil to promote deep restorative sleep and support contentment and well-being.

Compared to sleep-inducing methods like herbal teas, supplements, or taking a bath, this body cream provides a natural method to convey your entire body into a calm state and promote restful sleep.

Even if you apply this cream to your hands, as a make-shift hand cream, you feel the calming of essential oils, with cypress as the most prominent scent for myself. It stands out from lavender and mandarin, and gives the cream a lemon fresh scent, like a more sophisticated scent of household cleaner.



Currently, Yasou offers a cellular day cream and cell renewal night cream as part of a facial skincare, and soon will come out with a hand cream before the end of summer. The hydrating body cream mentioned here will be reformulated into a second version with no essential oils and both body creams will be available as travel sizes.

It’s good to see these body creams coming out with smaller portions, but the reformulation might take away from the luxurious scent and feel of the essential oils.

Some lotions take forever to absorb into your skin, but I applied this cream to my hands and it felt quite emollient as first and after about ten minutes it absorbed completely and left my hands feeling soft.

It could be the skin-firming blend of Vitamin E, for cell-regeneration, caffeine for antioxidants and anti-inflammation, rosemary extract for toning, and mandarin essential oil that clears skin while also promoting restful sleep.

The star ingredients in this cream contribute to it’s hydrating and healing properties: Olive Oil, Jojoba, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Calendula Extract, Honey Extract and Calityl-O, for hydration, locking in moisture, vitamin-rich and promoting elasticity.

If you have exposure to these formulas separately, you can almost tell they are blended together in this body cream with the components each giving a unique property to the cream. It feels like I’m wearing moisture-rich gloves when I put on this cream!

Olive oil forms a protective barrier, with linoleic acid, oleic acid, palmitic acids, and polyphenols, that provide antioxidants, protect from ultraviolet rays, and foster cell growth. It’s so beneficial that most people just obliviously put on moisturizer without knowing its positive lifestyle effects, coating your skin with “liquid gold.”

Somehow when you’re healing your body, even just your skin, you’re healing internally and that is the true intention of beauty.

Back in September, I attended the Be Healthful Retreat and met Yasou Skincare, a luxe natural skin care inspired by Greece that contains certified organics, mostly plant-derived ingredients, and biodegradable containers.

I’m pleased to share this discussion and information about one of their signature products, the hydrating body cream. This factual information has been provided by Yasou and the opinions are my own thoughts based on exposure to this product.

Press samples generously provided by Yasou Natural Skin Care for detailed review on Oak Lovely Beauty.


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