Wansas Tequila Sponsors Press Lounge and Expo Chicago Art Fair Exhibitors ♥︎

So much to see at the Expo Chicago, back in September of this year I came for the first time after seeing countless banners around the city and reading about the show prior to. I prefer this show to the Sofa, as it’s more contemporary and accessible art, similar to Scope.

Some of the more complex and involved pieces, were composed of wood and natural elements, and I love the combination of materials in mixed media, it takes you on a sensory journey between mediums and tells more of a cohesive story that one medium by itself. Owen + Alchemy, a cold-pressed juice company based out of Logan Square and currently offered at Eataly, provided their juices during the show and recently held a media tasting at Baffo, in conjunction with Parce Rum. Two words: blueberry basil.

Wansas Tequila and Make It Better magazine sponsored a press lounge at the Expo with an assortment of international and Los Angeles based artists to showcase their paintings. Contemporary artist, Louis Carreon hand-painted a replica of the Stanley Cup presented to Autism Speaks, noting how brilliant children are, suggesting how autism should not prevent children from pursuing their dreams.

Quite literally, we are painting a new reality and a brighter future. The intersection of art and illness imposes a vital connection. Of how art can provide therapy and how color therapy can assist individuals that suffer illness, trauma, abuse, and substantial loss. I love to see how happy it makes children, to lose themselves in color, with paint all over, unconcerned about how it turns out. Every stroke is sheer genius, as it comes from a place of less inhibition!

Thank you so much to Expo Chicago, Make It Better, and Wansas Tequila for press tickets for detailed review and coverage by Oak Lovely Beauty.



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