Personal Shopping Topshop Hosts Holiday Party Bubbles and Manicures ♥︎

Personal shopping at Topshop, located on Michigan Avenue in the Gold Coast, across from the Water Tower Place, hosted a private holiday party.

Champagne and frosted cupcakes that looked like snowflakes, and manicures provided by Mario Triccoci at the 900 North Michigan Shops lower level, across from Equinox.

Such a lovely presentation here, with holiday nail polish colors from Essie. I selected the Haute Tab, a black with shimmer, that resembles the charcoal sugar scrub I recently made with Change Soap. I’m loving this holiday shade, as it takes a black base coat, and a shimmer that I would combine separately into one color.

And, I had a chance to see my manicurist friend for a minute.

I found the sweetest onesie pajama!

It’s like the leopard print I wore to the Interior Define pajama party yesterday. Only better, this one has dear, squirrels, and birds surrounded by hearts and stars, my goodness.

I’m in love with a pajama, or maybe I’m just in love 🙂

Thank you so much to Topshop Personal Shopping for treats and Mario Triccoci for a holiday manicure for review on Oak Lovely Beauty.



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