Ideal Home Show Hosts Home Renovation Vendors and Press Painting Workshop ♥︎

Navy Pier hosted yet another show beside the docks, the Ideal Home Show debuted with new lifestyle trends in the home improvement segment. This show evolved from its opening three years prior at the McCormick Place to host more vendors and well-known experts in home renovation.

From January 29, to January 31, 2016, the Ideal Home Show encompassed vendors from granite counters to digital printed wallpaper. Whether remodeling, minor household adjustments, or building from scratch the show provides resources for home owners and interior decor experts to discover new trends and products.

Habitat for Humanity hosted a workshop for both children and adults to decorate tiles with acrylic paint, promoting its mission through art. For this project, I decorated my own tiles with Blick’s acrylic paint in shades of peach, bright pink, silver, metallic grey, grey, metallic navy, turning the tiles into coasters.

Sweet treat within the press room, the show press hosted a private painting workshop, equipped with the instruction of an artist and wine. Since giving up wine for resolutions this year, simply enjoyed the painting itself, fully embracing the moment and feeling free of inhibitions. When the workshop commenced, we roughly sketched the outline of sunflowers and a vase on blank canvas.

Some of us veered off from sunflowers and delved into abstraction. It felt freeing to explore color combinations in this instance and loved experiencing this within Navy Pier, somewhere visited with childhood memories and taken inspiration from countless art shows within.

Muses, a coffee table book by Ethan Allen comes into my journey at perfect timing, as points of influence often do. This illustrative book depicts home decor produced by Ethan Allen inspired by muses of our time. How much more valuable would it be to inspire more than art? Useful artwork that grows into timeless reality, compared to frames plastered onto a wall, with no purpose.

Defined by the experts, “A muse is someone who inspires creativity, someone who influences another in such a way that he or she becomes the driving force behind that person’s body of work. Someone who helps you to see things through fresh eyes again and again.” This book offers input on curating with a selective eye, and turning your home into your own art museum! Subtract elements to find balance, focus on composition, and create an interplay of positive and negative space to “breathe.”

Combinations of light and dark intersect through artistic industries, no less the interiors segment. This year, Pantone selected two colors of the year, both soft pastels that compliment, Rose Quartz and Serenity, mirroring the weightlessness of our youth. This home show felt devoid of these colors, and I’m surprised there is such a rough focus.

Of concern for the show’s content, the vendors suggested that the movement could be better, and some felt out of sync with the environment. Slow customers and a quiet atmosphere. It felt better for myself, as I’m accustomed to faster paced shows with crowds of people, and a surplus of vendors. Even if the execution of the show could be spruced up, with more foot traffic this Ideal Home Show could grow!

Thank you so much to Ideal Home Show for press tickets and painting workshop, for detailed review and coverage on Oak Lovely Beauty! 




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