Soho House Welcomes Kitchen Aid Reception and Media Launch ♥︎

Coming from bustling Home and Housewares, the Kitchen Aid reception felt more relaxed and secluded in West Loop.

Cozy and eclectic vibes of Soho House.

So loving this area recently, and happy to come by. Remembering this area years prior, nobody knew quite how hip it would become.

Not even developers. Wink.

Welcomed into the upstairs area by Kitchen Aid, guests stepped into a picturesque feeling. Trendy photos and pop art lining the walls, mixers on every corner.

Loving the “batman” black matte mixer, mini comes in a satin finish only. Supposed to be limited edition, only five hundred units. Perhaps more male chefs?

Cooking becomes masculine with the batman mixer! The mini mixer comes in a three and a half quart version with mini cookware to match.

Sipping ginger ale, eying rosé lined up on rustic cabinetry. On my cleanse since December, and detoxing from wine since my birthday on the cusp.

Sweetest evening in the sweetest of locations. Servers passed about hors d’oeuvres and guests tasted sweets like guava puffs. Simply delicious, those puffs.

To demonstrate the quality of the mixers, and how they produce. Chefs hosted a baking demonstration and food served made by Kitchen Aid mixers.

Custom cookies spelled out “artisan” for guests and mini cookware, lovely.

Scooping up cookies with the black spatula and perfect for flipping over banana pancakes!

Kitchen Aid welcomes neutrals for their new collections. Trending for housewares, the subtle elegance of and sophisticated cool of nude shades.

Blends appliances into the kitchen and keeps focus on yummy results! 🍡

Thank you so much to Kitchen Aid and Home and Housewares for providing press tickets and press samples for detailed review by Oak Lovely Beauty!



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