Union League Club Hosts Luncheon and Speakers for International Women’s Day ♥︎

Sponsored by the Union League Club, International Trade Club and the World Chicago Organization. Guests reminisced about the purpose of this Women’s Day.

Quite how it contributes to success for modern women?

It seems like this in present times.

Women have more resources. Generations of youth have access to more programs, funding, and partnerships. International involvement evolves progressively.

Yet, there exists as much struggle as in previous years, if not more!

Too much time and energy spent determining and pointing out problems.

So much less on solving them.

Inuit speaker and human rights author, Sheila Watt-Cloutier states “When you bring women together, we can move mountains, that’s for sure!”

See an excerpt above from the slide presentation, photos from the Arctic, aside  Ethiopian and Peruvian relics from the International Fair.

This positive sentiment countered the serious focus of content. She discussed inclement climate problems coming from the Arctic. Drifting ice and rough weather patterns produce residual shifts in our modern world.

Arctic living inherently shapes the Innuit culture.

Surviving blistering cold and roughness of the land, requires patience. Survival skills relate to navigating our landscape.

Even city living, needs a focused mind. Subsequent steps need be calculated for the best next move.

“If you have a vagina and vote, you are a feminist” states the cultural speaker.


Women giggled, sipping coffee and jasmine tea at the Union League Club, hosted by this exclusive philanthropic organization, located within the Financial District.

These ladies gathered to celebrate International Women’s Day. World Chicago and the Organization for Fair Trade produced this seminar with a keynote speaker and luncheon.

International Women’s Day celebrates women around the world.

Sitting in this luncheon, I listened to offered solutions to road blocks in education, safety, information, financing, and healthcare!

So happy to witness this Inuit speaker describe her journey.

Strenuous conditions of the Arctic shaped her perspective. Women must sharpen survival skills and perception of surroundings, determining subsequent steps.

Based on instinct. Go women 💗
Thank you so much to World Chicago for providing press tickets for this keynote and luncheon by Union League Club for coverage by Oak Lovely Beauty.



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